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Design documentation approval process:

•Preparation of terms of reference
•Obtaining optimal technical conditions for connecting the facility to utility system
•Obtaining an Architectural and Planning assignment in the Department of Architecture and Urban Development 
•Carrying out of public hearings
•Approval of motor road projects with the Policy Department
•Approval of projects in Water resources inspection
•Approval of design solutions in the Department of Industrial Safety
•Development and expertise of Declarations of industrial safety with obtainment of registration numbers
•Carrying out of Energy expertise
•Preparation of traffic diagram with indication of material delivery points.
•Approval of a Plot plan with the Chief Architect
• Analysis of detailed documentation for compliance with standards in the field of architecture and construction, environmental protection and sanitary-epidemiological welfare
•Uploading of design documentation to the web-portal of Comprehensive extradepartmental expertise
•Work with experts, solving the arising issues, approval of technical and economic indicators
•Obtaining a positive expertise conclusion
•Obtaining an environmental emission permit
•Obtaining a coupon for commencement of construction and assembly works.