SRDI “Caspiymunaygas” JSC


The piping system is the most efficient and common means of transporting liquid from one point to another.   The pipeline makes up 25% to 35% of all process equipment material during construction and requires 30% to 40% of installation work, respectively consuming 40% to 48% of engineering man-hours. Without pipeline laying it is impossible to organize the operation of the enterprise, and the functionality and safety of the system depends on the quality of the project. That is why the service should be ordered from specialized design companies. SRDI “Caspiymunaygas” JSC is the team consisting of professionals, will prepare required documentation for construction.

The design result depends on the qualification of specialists, responsible approach to the business.   We have experienced employees who use their wealth of knowledge as well as modern technology to create a project that meets the requirements of international standards. We guarantee:

  • Strict adherence to the deadlines of assigned tasks;
  • Professional approach;
  • Highly qualified staff;

Competent project allows without any errors to install the pipeline with the required technical characteristics, which ensures long-term and uninterrupted operation of the system. Our company’s specialists are sufficiently qualified to carry out the design work successfully.

The Piping Department jointly with other specialists from related departments develop an overall installation plan, carry out a survey of each pipe line, determine the location of the pipe rack and location of the actual pipe route and type of supports, following the rules and procedures established by each individual company as well as taking into account the current regulatory documents.

AutoCAD, CadWorks3D, NanoCAD и BricsCAD
  • To create projects, we use recognized software such as AutoCAD, CadWorks3D, NanoCAD and BricsCAD.
  • CAESAR II software is used for stress analysis of pipes, allowing to design, evaluate and describe pipelines of any size and complexity in accordance with requirements of more than 35 international design standards and various environmental and technical guidelines.

Besides, Start-Prof software is used, which ensures reliability and safety during operation of pipeline systems of different purpose, makes it easier to agree the project with supervising bodies, reduces expenses and time for commissioning works. The Start-Prof software system allows to evaluate the strength per various normative documents, which regulate:

  • Calculated combinations of loads and impacts for the strength assessment
  • Definition of design stresses
  • Strength criteria

Nozzle -FEM
  • To perform calculations on strength and stiffness of nozzles connection with shells and bottoms of vessels and apparatuses, as well as tie-in places into the pipelines and into the walls of vertical steel tanks (VST) using the “Nozzles-FEM” software, which also performs calculations on the strength of conical transitions and bottoms. Calculation is based on pressure impact and external load.

Design documentation approval process:

•Preparation of terms of reference
•Obtaining optimal technical conditions for connecting the facility to utility system
•Obtaining an Architectural and Planning assignment in the Department of Architecture and Urban Development 
•Carrying out of public hearings
•Approval of motor road projects with the Policy Department
•Approval of projects in Water resources inspection
•Approval of design solutions in the Department of Industrial Safety
•Development and expertise of Declarations of industrial safety with obtainment of registration numbers
•Carrying out of Energy expertise
•Preparation of traffic diagram with indication of material delivery points.
•Approval of a Plot plan with the Chief Architect
• Analysis of detailed documentation for compliance with standards in the field of architecture and construction, environmental protection and sanitary-epidemiological welfare
•Uploading of design documentation to the web-portal of Comprehensive extradepartmental expertise
•Work with experts, solving the arising issues, approval of technical and economic indicators
•Obtaining a positive expertise conclusion
•Obtaining an environmental emission permit
•Obtaining a coupon for commencement of construction and assembly works.