SRDI “Caspiymunaygas” JSC


Concentration on work, competent approach to business, search and application of innovations, open opportunities to attract new technologies defines our professionalism.


Study of the project on the electrical part from all possible positions. Consideration and identification of several options for the electrical supply, with further selection of a more effective solution.


To perform the project with technical solutions, which will be the safest and easiest to maintain during operation, in the shortest terms and economically favorable for the Customer.

Main activities of Electrical Team

Current team has professional skills and knowledge in designing of such equipment, sufficient experience and knowledge of the TCO technical level requirements, as well as the necessary safety requirements for facility construction and further operation. Has accumulated experience for development of basic electrical equipment design activities, which compose the main part of such a project. Below is a list of the main aspects that the team posses and willing to apply on this project:
  • Analysis of power supply principles
  • Short current calculation
  • Analysis of voltage loss in cable network and busbar
  • Arc flash analysis
  • Selection of equipment, determination of characteristics and dimensions
  • Execution of engineering works in accordance with SID requirements
  • Work with the equipment Supplier, check the technical documentation
  • Verification/adaptation of documentation of the Supplier for compliance with TCO standards. 
  • Switching device selectivity
  • Time-current characteristics
  • Classification of explosion and fire hazardous areas
  • Design of overhead power lines with voltage up to 110 kV
  • Definition of main criteria for realization of secondary control and monitoring circuits
  • Designing DC and AC uninterruptible power supplies
  • Preparation of job pack for construction of substations and outdoor electrical installations
  • Preparation of job pack for installation and assembly of electrical equipment
  • Design of cable networks, underground and aboveground
  • Designing of cable trays routes in constrained conditions in 2D, 3D
  • Drawing of single line diagrams
  • Load distribution on busbar
  • Preparation of job pack for commissioning of electrical equipment
  • Preparation of job pack for passing expertise
  • Preparation of a plan of switching consumers to another power supply
  • Participation in factory test of electrical equipment and prepaation of a report
  • Calculation of lighting, grounding, lightning protection
  • Calculation, selection and design of emergency power supply
  • Preparation of technical documentation package for the equipment Suppliers
  • Consideration of Supplier’s proposals and preparation of tender analysis
  • Preparation of installation and commissioning instructions for electrical equipment
  • Materials requisition
  • Technical support during construction

Calculation examples in ETAP program

  • Electrical Team performs calculations for steady-state modes, short-circuit currents, protective relay settings, arc flash analysis in ETAP program

Example of drawing

Design documentation approval process:

•Preparation of terms of reference
•Obtaining optimal technical conditions for connecting the facility to utility system
•Obtaining an Architectural and Planning assignment in the Department of Architecture and Urban Development 
•Carrying out of public hearings
•Approval of motor road projects with the Policy Department
•Approval of projects in Water resources inspection
•Approval of design solutions in the Department of Industrial Safety
•Development and expertise of Declarations of industrial safety with obtainment of registration numbers
•Carrying out of Energy expertise
•Preparation of traffic diagram with indication of material delivery points.
•Approval of a Plot plan with the Chief Architect
• Analysis of detailed documentation for compliance with standards in the field of architecture and construction, environmental protection and sanitary-epidemiological welfare
•Uploading of design documentation to the web-portal of Comprehensive extradepartmental expertise
•Work with experts, solving the arising issues, approval of technical and economic indicators
•Obtaining a positive expertise conclusion
•Obtaining an environmental emission permit
•Obtaining a coupon for commencement of construction and assembly works.